How To Increase Downloading Speed On Android For Fast Internet Surfing & Downloading!

Hey guys!!! Have you been bored of slow downloading speed? And Want to increase your downloading speed? The simple answer to this is yes you can. But the obvious question would be in your mind that how to increase downloading speed or how can you make downloads faster? So friends, basically we have a lot of problems when we want to download the desired file and we do want it to be quick but it takes a longer time to download and sometimes we often find that the internet connectivity is lost.So, here we are going to discuss some methods by which this issue or problem can be resolved.

We now use smartphones more than we use our PC’s.It is the source now which is available all the time with us through which we can access the internet anywhere and at any place. Smartphones have proved themselves as a blessing for the people today. Now we can’t even imagine life without smartphones. We are now mostly dependent on our android phones for major and most important part of the work. As we know that most of the apps can run on only smartphones rather than the ordinary phones and various apps are now been part of our daily activities. We often do more downloads on our android phone now rather than doing it on PC and wonders, how to speed up the internet and how to speed up downloads?

How To Increase Downloading Speed On Android

If we particularly talk about the speed or signal enhancing apps, there are a lot of signal booster apps and download boosters available, which increase download speed and the strength of the internet connectivity or the strength of the signal so that the speed, especially the downloading speed increases.

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How To Increase Downloading Speed On Android

There are various methods now available for enhancing the downloading speed and improve internet speed, following which you could easily get fast download speed and desired frequency of the work done. Below are some of the methods been described, following which could be a help if you encounter such downloading speed issues.

Method 1: By Using Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager (ADM) is one of the best download manager available which increase download speed on android phone. It is considered as one of the best downloading managers because it consists of the very interesting feature, as it divides big files into small fragments and then does the downloading. In this way downloading becomes fast. This is similar to the IDM.This download manager actually boosts the downloading speed and hence, acts as an advanced download booster. Although there are many download managers available, this is one of the best among them with fast download speed.

We would like to share with you a tutorial on how you can increase the speed of downloading using advanced download manager-

You need to follow certain steps in order to install ADM on your android phone. The steps are as follows:-

  • First of all, open your play store and search for advanced download manager(ADM).
  • Download advanced download manager(ADM) on your android phone.
  • Install.
  • Open the ADM.
  • Click on the top left button.
  • Go to downloading tab.
  • Then select some options, that are mentioned as under:

-Number of Downloads: 3

-Number of threads: 9

-Speed of download: MAX

-Smart download: ON

The above-mentioned settings can lead you to the fastest downloading speed.

  • Save your settings
  • Now you can start downloading the files.
Advanced Download Manager
Advanced Download Manager
Developer: DimonVideo
Price: Free

Method 2: Change WI-FI Password

If you are using WI-FI connection in your android phone and you find that your download speed is been slow or you are facing the problem in which whenever you access the internet or try to download files, the speed gets slow. This problem is may be due to your neighbors or another person nearby your place is accessing your WIFI connection. As the number of connected people on the same WIFI increases so is the decrease in its speed.

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For this, you can do that:

  • If you have an unsecured wifi then You can create a password for your WIFI.
  • You can change the password of your WIFI if it’s not strong.
  • Disconnect the connected networks to your WIFI.
  • You can make use of WIFI killer apps.

In this way, no one can access your WIFI without your permission. Hence; it will increase download speed.

Method 3: By using Signal Booster Apps

You might be familiar with the signal booster apps.If not, then we would like to introduce you to these apps.Signal booster apps increase the network strength or signal of the internet and provide you with the best speed. Although there are many apps available, all does not prove to be good. You have to select the best among them. These signal booster apps facilitate you with the best speed for downloading or let you know which data connection or network works best for your area or what is the best signal strength working; may it be 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network. Must give a try once to these signal booster apps for faster download and speed. Here we are giving you a description of one of the best apps for speed booster as an example, but you can try more.

Speed Booster

This is a powerful yet small app. It quickly recognizes the speed of your phone, checks its performance and increases internet speed, thus improving your download experience.

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Features of the speed booster app are as follows:

  • Saves battery for longer time.
  • Possess very small package for the installation.
  • Speed up your device.
  • Increases the processing speed of the device.
  • Simple and easy user interface.

Method 4: By Restarting Android Phone

Sometimes you find that your downloading speed is decreasing or whenever you start downloading speed gets reduced. One reason for this may be, you have been working on your phone for long and there are many apps running, maybe in the background also and certainly, you are not familiar with that and you want your stuff to be downloaded but you are unable to do that soon, it might be taking longer time.So, this continuous operating of your Android phone may be a hindrance which is ultimately affecting your downloading speed. All you need to do is, restart your phone. Restarting your phone can lead to increase in speed as the apps which used to run in the background will stop.Therefore, it is suggestive that after using your phone for a long, give it a restart.

Method 5: By Reconnecting Data Connection

Using data connection for a longer period of time leads to a decline in the internet speed or slow download speed. This results in your android and your modem is unable to handle such huge stuff for a longer period of time.Hence, it affects the internet or downloading speed. Therefore after using the data connection for long, and if you face difficulty in the downloading speed. The best thing you can do is-disconnect the data connection and then reconnect it. This will lead to fast download speed.


We hope that by now you must be familiar with the methods or ways by which you can increase downloading speed or by how you can speed up downloads. Here you got the solution for your boredom. You might have been tired previously when you have encountered the speed issues and you are like waiting for long to get your things downloaded and it is a very much time-consuming process. You feel that you waste a lot of time in downloading which can be used in other work and could have saved your precious time.

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When you are in urgent need of certain document or file to be downloaded and it is taking so much time which could ultimately affect your work than it is really a major problem of concern. In this fast-moving world, we require now everything to be fast and timely. If we want to walk with the fast moving globalized world, we do have to be that much fast and tech-savvy, so that we could compete with the world.

Now talking on a small platform, on a common person basis, people do not want to wait for longer, they want things to be done quickly on the click of their fingers and want to know how to make the download faster or how to speed up downloads. Technology is advancing day by day. According to our article we have described you with some of the ways by which could fight with the problem of slow download speed and improve internet speed.

With the above-mentioned methods, you can give a trial and by following any of the desired methods according to the problem, you can resolve your download speed or signal strength issues. In this article, we tried to cover the probable and possible aspects or ways to resolve your problems, still, if we have missed something, readers are requested to please add your appreciable knowledge to this article, and we will be highly obliged.

How To Increase Downloading Speed On Android For Fast Internet Surfing & Downloading!
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