How to Use The New Face Filters on Instagram To Strong Your Insta Story Game!

The only feature that Instagram was lacking in was face filters. Recently, Instagram has introduced a new face filters option and gained attention. As expected this feature has gained a lot of publicity and is on trend. With the introduction of new Instagram filters, the most common question arose is how to use Instagram face filters? But before knowing how to use Instagram filters, let us know what the face filters are?

face filters provide a new look to the picture of a person. With its use, you can utilize your creativity. You need to have some imaginations, you have to drag some sliders and use some tools. Currently, there are ten sets of Instagram face filters have been introduced. Instagram has announced to launch more in nearby future. You will enjoy all the new face filters on Instagram. These face filters will definitely bring out your creativity and provide new wings to your imaginations.

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How to Use Instagram Face Filters

In the below article you will get to know how to use filters on Instagram. If you have used Snapchat and know how to use Snapchat faces, it will be easy for you to use Instagram face filters. Both work the same way. You do not need to worry if you haven’t used Snapchat face filters. We here will provide you the all the details regarding the face filters. We will also tell you how to get Instagram filters.

How To Use Instagram Face Filters

In order to use face filters on Instagram you need to follow the below steps:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap the camera icon. You can see face icon popping up. You can also swipe right to get it. Tap on it.

  • In the bottom, you can see the set of face filters.

  • Tap on the set and choose the options among them.
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  • Tap to capture an image.

  • Save it or add to your story.

Sets of Instagram Face Filter

Instagram had earlier introduced eight set of face filters. Recently they have introduced two more sets and are going to introduce new sets of face filters very soon. The recently introduced set of face filters are as follows:

  • Makeup: You can use it to have a golden glow on your face in the image providing you the fair complexion in the picture.
  • Peacock: It provides feathers in the pic.
  • Nerd glasses: You can apply various types of eyeglasses providing you a nerd look.
  • Koala: Koala nose and ears can be applied to
  • Gold Crown: Applies various types of gold crown around.
  • Butterfly Crown: Applies different types of flowers in the crown
  • Ice Crown: Applies fairy style crown.
  • Bunny: Applies bunny styles.
  • Rainbow: Provides rainbow on the screen.
  • Hippie: Applies doodles of various signs.
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Features of Face Filters

One of the most awaited features on Instagram is liked by all. The reason that is making everyone crazy about the face filters on Instagram is due to its below-listed features:

  • You can edit images and videos to convert it into funny images and videos.
  • Add your location to the image.
  • You can also add animated GIFs to the image.
  • It provides you the facility to tweak the filters to adjust brightness and contrast. You can also alter the colors in the image.
  • It works with both front as well as the back camera.
  • It also works while using another app. If you switch to another app, your created pic will not get discarded.

Although Instagram face filters is a newly introduced feature, but face filters itself is a much-known concept. Soon you will see the face filters feature on other social networking sites also.The persons using Snapchat know how to use Snapchat faces and what is its utility. While those who are not using it will definitely enjoy new face filters on Instagram.

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In this article, we have provided you the detailed information regarding the way of how to use Instagram face filters. We also have provided you the way of how to get Instagram filters. Those who are not able to view new Instagram filters, we recommend you to upgrade your Android device. Now as you know how to use filters on Instagram, use them to create funny images and explore your imaginations. Hope you will enjoy this new and funny feature of Instagram.

Hope this article was useful to you. Please feel free to share it with your friends and relatives. You can also write us how you like the article. Positive feedback will be taken as a reward.

How to Use The New Face Filters on Instagram To Strong Your Insta Story Game!
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