How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android And Get Access To Flash Games & Videos!

Adobe Flash Player for Android is one out of the box solutions to the normal configurations of our android devices. The internet is filled with the rich content of web series, videos, music etc, to have an access to these entire files one needs an android flash player. Well to our dismal from the android version of 4.1 and beyond, adobe flash player has been taken away from Google play store. In an urge to move the HTML version of computing we have moved past to the flash player for android, but we still aren’t that convinced to the levels of computing which restrict our availability to video games, music player and content limited to adobe flash player for android.

With the widespread presence of flash videos and stuff on the internet and with the unavailability to install adobe flash player from the play store we have unraveled our path towards the third party downloading files and towards other browsing options. That is, we might have to install flash apk and the browsers which facilitate in running the adobe flash player for android.

How To Install Adobe Flash Player

To reach to the android flash player we give you a variety of options to take up. This could be from the downloading a new third-party app which facilitates storage of flash videos without having the need to install flash player another substitute to this method is downloading the browser as well as the adobe flash player apk file. Following are the ways in which we can have an access to flash video games, web series, music, videos etc.

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How To Install Adobe Flash Player

Since there is no availability of adobe flash player for android for the jelly beans version of Android and beyond, one needs to install the browser for the same other than the default browser available.

There are the two most convenient ways to take up this, let us go through them one by one.

Puffin Browser

The simplest method to get flash player is downloading the Puffin browser readily available at the Google play store. After downloading the Puffin browser from the play store follow the following steps and get a hassle-free adobe flash player for the android.

  • Search the Puffin browser from the play store and tap install.
  • After the installation is completed you will find a few steps and an overview of features over the next few sliding screens.
  • Then comes the configuration setups.
  • Get to the data savings options and go for the always tab which will ensure you a speedy and data usage options for the browser to function.
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Puffin Web Browser
Puffin Web Browser
Developer: CloudMosa, Inc.
Price: Free

This will let you have an access to adobe flash player for android and is better as compared to other options because one doesn’t need to install flash player apk from any other sources. Also, it plays in the cloud storage it might be a bit choppier but is still comparatively an easier excuse.

Other benefits of puffin browser to get flash player for Android are:

  1. it is available with the latest version to support the adobe flash player for android.
  2. It can emulate a mouse and arrow keys in an overlay, so it will feel like you’re browsing on desktop PC.

Dolphin Browser

Follow the below-mentioned steps to install flash player and smooth working of the same

  • Firstly one needs to install the Dolphin browser from the Google play store but unlike the previous browser, this does not allow the adobe flash player applications to run.
  • After downloading the browser from the play store we need to have a third party file for the flash player for the Android, to download the files from an unknown sources one needs to change the settings in the following manner to do this, go to Settings > Applications (for older Android operating systems), or Settings > Security (for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean), and check the box next to Unknown sources.
  • Now we need to put dolphin browser as the default browser and need to open it up and move to the settings option to enable the flash player with the always tab.
  • The next step is the navigate to the page which allows you to play on android flash player for android, this page you can find on “adobe flash test “search on Google, after you get one such page it will ask you to download and install flash player, with the enable option you are good to go and allowed to install flash on your device and it will play.
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Hence we suggest grabbing your phones and head on to the regime of becoming a rebellion to our present android versions and prove the fact that internet and android are the peas of the same pod.


Above mentioned are the following steps by which we can still be a part of the so-called speedy, the latest and ever promising HTML browser area without having the need to compromise with the adobe flash player for android. With these simple steps, we can either play flash videos, games and stuff without having the need to install flash player or the method of installing both the flash player for android and the separate browser as the third-party apps and get access to our desired results.

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These keep us hands own on par with best of both the worlds and not lose touch with all those flash stuff which we obsessed over to our desktops being a millennial.

Also, do write to us about how did you like the article or would you appreciate any kind of changes or comments regarding the same. Plus do not forget to mention how fulfilling was it as an experience to lay your fingers juggling to that nickelodeon game or to that hustle of Super Mario 63 by using this adobe flash player for android.

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android And Get Access To Flash Games & Videos!
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