3 Best iOS Emulator For Android To Run iOS Apps On Android

The two most popular and widely used operating systems, especially for smartphone users, are android and IOS. As we know that IOS operating system is supported by iPhone and iPad devices but they are quite expensive to fit in everyone’s pocket. For this reason, people use smartphones supported by the Android operating system as it is available in the various price range.

If you are an android user but love to enjoy the Apple iPhone’s apps, you can now do so easily with the help of IOS emulator download. IOS apps on Android are now easy to access and without any hazard. You can easily run IOS apps on android with IOS emulator for android. Different types of emulators can be installed on the android device. These IOS emulators for Android listed in this post helps you to run any number of apple or IOS apps and games on your android.

iOS Emulator For Android

The applications which enable the users to run the applications and games of one operating system on another operating system are called emulators. With the aid of these emulators, you can run IOS apps on Android, PC, Mac devices etc. There is various useful IOS emulator for android phone which enables you to run the IOS application on your android smartphone. With the proper emulator, you can enjoy any app on your android device without rooting your device.

So if you are trying to find a way out for how to get the apple apps on your android phone then this post is definitely worth it to go through for you. We have presented all the details of IOS emulator download for your reference.

Top 3 IOS Emulator for Android

Below mentioned features of IOS apps for android or apple store apps for Android helps you to let you know the answer to the question that why you should have IOS emulator apk on your android device.

  • The most important feature that makes it popular among the users is that it is free to use on all your android devices.
  • It makes you use iPhone apps or apple app store in the same way on your android phone.
  • It feels you use IOS apps on your android phone without investing a single extra penny out of your pocket.
  • It will give you high user experience of Apple apps to the low costing android device.
  • It supports all gamepads.
  • It is easy to download without any unnecessary authorization or complex steps.
  • It is absolutely a safe suggestion or option given to the android users because these emulators are tested and tried beforehand.
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Requirements for emulators

There are several IOS emulators apk that are available for Android and that makes it possible to rum IOS applications on Android. To run these emulators, you will need to ensure the following requirements on your device.

  • Your device must have free space of at least 512 MB RAM available.
  • Android version you are using should be 2.3 or later than it.
  • A considerable amount of space on your phone to store emulator.

All it takes is a single Android application that you can make your mobile compatible with various operating system programs like running of IOS apps and Android apps.

There is various IOS emulator for android available but here we have selected the three best methods to get IOS emulator for android.

 iEMU Emulator

Out of many iEMU is the best and widely used emulator to run IOS apps on android. It is easy to download and install. It will not take much space of your phone. iEMU needs around 60 MB space of apk files, so before going to download make sure that your phone has at least this much free space. To download iEMU follow the below simple procedure.

  • Download iEMU emulator for android from any third party app store.
  • Allow installation from unknown sources by changing your device settings. If you will not let it so you will be not able to install it on your device.
  • Go to the location where the apk files are stored.
  • Click on “install” and complete the installation.
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Once the installation completed, you will be able to see the iEMU icon on your phone’s home screen.

iemu emulator

You can now enjoy all your favorite IOS apps on your android device with the help of the iEMU emulator. Also, there is no hidden cost to use this emulator. The APK file will be installed on your android device with the name of padiod.

 Cider APK Emulator

Likewise, iEMU, cider is another application that allows running IOS apps on android. With this application, one can enjoy all types of apps and games for free on android phones. It is the wonder to know that this app is developed by six students. These students feel both android and IOS are running on ARM hardware. For programmers or developers, they won’t need any coding languages for writing the software as the binary coding are converted for running the program related to run iPhone apps on Android devices. The app is very simple and easy to use for any android user.

cider emulator

Along with many benefits, a disappointing feature is that it does not support Bluetooth, GPS, and other location-based services. Though it is the limit it cannot be centered to not use this emulator. It is still the useable emulator for using IOS apps on android. Developers of cider apk are continued doing research over its advancement and making it one of the best emulator in the market. Before downloading cider apk make sure your device has enough space.

iOSEmus APK Emulator

iOSEmus is an iOS emulator for android. iOSEmus android APK is the emulator that enables you to download IOS apps on any android operating system based device. Using iOSEmus download you may use all types of apps on your Android-based device. Whether you are using Samsung android device or any other brand, the iOSEmus app will work on all the android devices without any issue.

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iOSEmus emulator

All android devices can enjoy this emulator and play all those exclusive games and apps available for IOS operating system. Android users are in dual benefit situation where they can enjoy apps of both the operating system. So now you can feel relief that now you can not only access android operating system but even you can access iOS apps without having iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

To download iOSEmus on your device, follow these steps mentioned below and enjoy it!

  • Download iOSEmus. You may use app stores like TutuApp to download iOSEmus.
  • To start downloading, you first need to allow the third party app on your device. You may do so by changing your phone settings. You need to tick the checkbox next to the “Unknown sources” under general settings option on your phone.
  • After downloading, you will see “Install” option. Tap on it to install iOSEmus.

You will see an icon for iOSEmus on your home screen.

Tap on the icon to open it. Your iOSEmus is ready to use now. You may search for popular apps, games and much more for your device.

After reading the full post, you will know that now you can download IOS apps on android easily and without any worry. If you are one of them who wants to enjoy the benefits of apple apps or IOS apps on android without having to invest in iPhone or iPad, this post is no doubt for you. You may now completely know about the download of iPhone apps on android or IOS android apps on your android phone.


We have listed above the three emulators which enable you to have IOS apps on android. These IOS emulators download helps you to get all the apps and games for free without bearing any extra cost to your pocket. In this way, you can enjoy all IOS games on Android from now.

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These are awesome IOS emulator for android which can easily help in running your favorite app or games on any OS device. In addition to this, this run IOS apps on the android tool is free to use and you can easily run iPhone apps on android without any interruption. If you have enough RAM space, then there would be no effect of this tool on your Android device. You may go ahead without any hesitation for downloading this to your phone and experience enjoying best performance of your device. To navigate this, you do not need to be an expert for running IOS emulator on your device. It is very simple and easy.

If you have questions like these emulators can replace iPhone, then the answer is no. It cannot replace the actual iPhone. You can only run a certain number of apps on the android device with the help of these emulators.

We hope you have successfully resolved your purpose of visiting our post and get what you wish to search for. Our readers are valuable to us and we welcome comments and reviews from them for the purpose of improvement. Please share your feedback and spread this post to your family and friends too. If you have any issue with downloading emulators or for any related query, feel free to write us. We will get back to you.

3 Best iOS Emulator For Android To Run iOS Apps On Android
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