Top 9 Amazing Alarm Clock Apps for Android

Make arrangements and set your time right by adjusting your alarms to these best-rated android alarm clock apps for all Android users. Now wake up on time as your alarm clock will make it a job to wake you up by hook or by crook!

The feature of the alarm clock is a much-needed one in any smartphone now. These handy alarm clock apps come pre-installed. But there are some better options for all Android users in the Google Play Store that will allow you to make a smart choice. We are about to unveil the best alarm clock apps that all Android users can download instantly.

Our list contains both alarm apps from free and paid ones too. Pick your choice and directly make a download and become punctual by setting alarms. 

These best alarm clock apps will cater to all your needs (clock related of course). Let’s get right to it. 

Best Android Alarm Clocks

Apart from the pre-installed alarm app on your android, there are a plethora of other alarm clock apps that you can go with. Just take go with whatever you feel like from the ones listed below and avoid the hassle of searching the app store through and through. A visit to the google play store will fetch you all these apps listed below.

#9. Alarmy 

best clock app for android

Just go with this one with eyes closed as alarms is a 4.7 rated app with over 15000 reviews. It is loved by all and it’s downloads fall in millions. There are two versions to this alarm clock app and the basic version that is free and a pro version which is paid. 

The tag line next to it ‘Sleep If U Can). This alarm app comes with so many missions that you can set too. It has some seriously cool features that make it the editors’ choice too. You would have to solve missions like take a photo to shut off the alarm, solve a math problem, shake the phone mission and many more. Get your hands on the ‘world’s most annoying alarm clock app’! It is moreover, an alarm clock app with music and is totally customizable.

#8. Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

best alarm clock app

The name pretty much describes itself. If you sleep like a dead man, this app is definitely the best alarm clock app Android can give you. It’s a free app that is easily attainable from your android Google play store and what more can you ask of it, if it allows you to set an unlimited number of alarms? It is moreover, supportive of Android wear, sleep stats and others too. A challenge can be set in order to shut down the alarm too. It comes in both a free and paid version. Get the paid version if you want to do away with those ads.

#7. Alarm Clock Xtreme

best alarm app

It’s a scary name, to be honest. But it is a commando on a mission when it has to wake you up. The apps downloads are beaming high and the ratings on the Google play store are impressive too. Its extremity can be measured with its snooze option alone.

You get to set for yourself some obstacles that won’t shut up until you get through with them. Snoozing this app is a task in itself alone. A free download of this app would suffice but go for the paid version if you want to do away with those ads. This free alarm clock is stubborn enough to wake you up anytime. You can customize it too.

#6. I Can’t Wake Up! 

best android alarm clock

As hilarious as the name sounds, most of it is true. This app is devised for those who can’t shake off their sleep no matter what. I can’t Wake up is an Android alarm clock that, with its very adamant features will wake you up without a doubt. Google play store ranks this Android alarm clock as 4.5. It has eight challenges that make it the alarm clock it is. Totally customizable and you could get your way with this app instantly. It has both a paid and free version.

#5. Loud Alarm Clock

best alarm clock app android

The name pretty much describes itself. This is the loudest alarm clock you can get. Just make a loud alarm clock download and you will wake up to blaring alarms. Go for a download of this alarm app for free and a paid one if you want an ad-free experience. This simple alarm clock app comes with those themes that could be tweaked too.

#4. AMdroid

best android alarm clock app

This alarm clock app takes the point firstly for its genius wordplay. Scoot past that, into the application and you would get a class apart user interface. This alarm app can be considered the best clock app for Android. There is an option for stats that help you compare, the settings are quite impressive and broad and just like all the new alarm clocks, there are challenges for a snooze and a very cool feature to auto-disable the alarm on public holidays. It’s a free alarm clock.

#3. GO Clock

best android alarm clock

There is a bevy of apps that the GO Team comes up with for all Android users. The GO Clock is a very sophisticated alarm clock app, that the Android users can make use of and download for free. It is very neat and has some explicitly and exclusive features like reminders that are health-based, a built-in calendar, and a bedside friendly clock display. It is a phenomenal app if you are looking for a simple alarm clock app.

#2. Challenges Alarm clock

android alarm clock

There has been a major shift from alarm clock apps for Android that go mute with a single press to ones now that need you to play and win a challenge. The same is the case with Challenges Alarm Clock. This clock, as understood makes use of various challenges like puzzles, tricks, and a selfie or picture that you would need to solve/click in order to snooze. This alarm clock for Android is free and has a decently priced paid version as well.

#1. Early Bird Alarm Clock

alarm app

Make a download of the early bird alarm clock app and transform it into an early bird as this app will definitely make you one. It has some handy features like themes, weather facility, challenges too. Both free and paid versions of this Android alarm clock work amazingly and will definitely do its job to wake you up. 

With these best Android alarm clock apps listed above, you will not need to go anywhere. Just pick and go with it. All the alarm clock apps listed above are fantastic.

Make a download of any of the alarm clock apps we have listed out for you, as it becomes quick easy and just a matter of minutes to get functioning in a punctual manner. These alarm clock widgets for Android mentioned above the best ones among all those that exist out there.

Do tell us in the comments section below about the ones you liked the best! 🙂