Android 10 Operating System Gets More Darker!

Google have been well known throughout the world but that doesn’t stop the company to introduce new feature updates and application. Darker theme inclusion in the Android operating system was the most wanted feature by Google users. Google made the dark theme update in its apps i.e. google photos, files and many more. Now the company updated the darker theme in Android 10 for Google Voice, Google Tasks and third party app Shazam. All the recent updates are part of Android darker theme.

Google Voice dark mode

Android 10 dark theme for google voice is introduced. It was appeared in Google Pixel 3XL. The dark theme will be available for all G Suite systems. The default is set on a darker theme but it can be changed to light mode option with the user want. All you require is to go in the menu of google voice app then settings to displays option and theme.

Google voice dark theme

Google Tasks dark mode

Google task was launched last year in April. The app was introduced to provide users with a to-do manager. There have been several updates like app shortcuts, reminders, recurring tasks and many more. Google recently updated the app with a darker theme and two home screen widgets. User can select the theme manually or it will remain as default.

Google task dark theme

Shazam dark mode

Shazam is the third party application which recognizes the song. This song identifier works when a user tags a song for 10 seconds from television, radio or literally anywhere else. It identifies the song and updates the user with song details. Shazam also adopted the dark theme mode. Now a user can select from two available theme options of light and dark.

Shazam dark theme