Bytedance, TikTok Owner to Roll Out its Own Music Streaming App

Bytedance is all set to give a competition to music streaming services. There are some updates that say Bytedance technology, the TikTok owner is planning to launch its own streaming music service.

Bytedance is working on getting the global licensing agreement for steaming songs on its subscription-based streaming service. Warner Music, Universal Music, and Sony Music are the main music label with whom TikTok owner is talking about adding their song in the app.

Bytedance will most probably include a library of short video clips for users to sync songs that they listen to and share them with other users. This is done for the addition of an on-demand audio experience. This is a TikTok’s social media hook feature of video sharing.

The company wants to release the music streaming services as soon as possible. They might launch the app in India, Brazil, and Indonesia next month. There is no information about the launch in the United States or other main markets.

The company has not given any statement on this news. So the exact price of the music subscription service remains unknown. Although there are some reports that suggest ByteDance’s app subscription charges are expected to be $10 which is cheaper than the popular streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.