Facebook’s New Bug Bounty Program is a Win-Win Deal Between Company and Hackers!

Facebook is a social networking site which changed the meaning of connecting with people. Facebook is used by many people without any age, gender or nationality boundary. It collects personal data and assures user safety and privacy of the information. Other popular sites like Instagram and WhatsApp are also part of Facebook.

The Security vulnerability on Facebook and on other sites is experienced many times. With the increase of security precautions of social sites, some people succeed in finding loopholes and misuse data.

The company has started Facebook’s bug bounty program to find security flaws also in its other social networking sites like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Onava, open-source, internet dot org, and other acquisitions. Initially last year facebook started hiring a hacker to find bugs in the sites which can be used for security breaches.

Facebook’s deal for hackers is a win-win scenario. The company is paying a good amount to the hacker for finding flaws and inform about the bug to Facebook. There is a full disclosure page available on facebook where one may find the eligibility criteria, terms and conditions of the program and much more information for those are interested in earning with hacking talent.

Facebook has given a minimum payout of 500$ for bug detection in any of its eligible site and no limit for maximum payout if bug turns out to extraordinary threat. Although Facebook security bugs are detected by the company’s official bounty team but there are always patches that remain unsettled. For this facebook is giving a chance to every user to inform about bugs and earn.