Facebook to Add End-to-End Encryption in Audio-Video Calls to Increase User Privacy

Facebook is reportedly working on the inclusion of its ‘Secret’ feature for Audio and Video calls. The company launched Secret Conversations feature in Facebook messenger to send end-to-end encrypted messages in the year 2016.

The end to end encryption is also available in Facebook’s own WhatsApp and Signal app. This enables the users to increase the privacy of the messages. The messages can only be seen by sender the receiver, not even the WhatsApp or Facebook Mobile app.

Users just have to install the facebook messenger app. Click on the own profile image, select the secret conversations and turn it on. The conversation will only get visible to the user or recipient. Also, the time limit can be set for sent messages and chat history can be seen on the devices selected by the user.


Jane Manchun Wong, a tech expert of app reverse- engineering leaked this information in her twitter post. She frequently informs about hidden features that are been tested or security vulnerabilities in the applications. Her recent post informs that facebook is testing this feature. Also, it has a screenshot which shows end-to-end encrypted across all your active mobile devices, where name and image is hidden. No one will be able to identify the user.

Facebook’s encrypted audio and video calls will now also improve the layers of privacy for users. Secret conversation feature is not set by default, users can turn it on if they want. There have been worries about this feature because authorities then might not be able to detect the illegal activity on Facebook’s platform. Now the same is expected from audio and video call secret feature.

Facebook is also preparing to add this ‘Secret Conversation’ feature in its remaining apps like Instagram. The company might also working to launch its own voice assistant. If this news turns out to be true Facebook unnamed assistant will become a Siri and Alexa rival.