Facebook to Bring ‘Popular Photos’ Feature Similar to Instagram’s Feed

Facebook testing a new feature inspired by other application for the main app or family app is common. For example, it copied the story feature to facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp from Snapchat. But this time Facebook decided to adopt the ‘Popular Photos’ feature from Instagram.

Facebook is testing a feature, this Popular Photos offers an Instagram-like experience. Users see popular photos from their facebook friend-list people with links, status updates and much more. Users can scroll down to view more pictures and click on option that says ‘See More Photos’ or swipe back. captions pf the photos are limited to 65 characters, also the time and date are visible when the picture was uploaded.

Facebook to Bring a 'Popular Photos'

Facebook’s Popular Photos feature is still in the testing process with a very small percentage of Facebook users. There might be a chance that we get news about Facebook adding ads in between the photographs. However, this can happen when the feature gets released for all users.

Back in 2015 when the Instagram android app was released, it was just a photo app. Facebook bought the application as soon as possible at a reported price of $1 billion. Everyone was shocked for facebook making a deal at such a high price. Now, Instagram has given an estimated valuation of $100 billion. So we can see Mark Zuckerberg took a right decision of including Instagram in the family.