Fortnite “The End” Event Breaks Viewership Records on Twitter and Twitch!

Fortnite‘s recent gaming event after black hole hiatus broke the Twitter viewing records as well as Twitch records of viewership. The event was named ‘The End’, it is the part of the eleventh season’s Chapter two. According to the Epic games, the event didn’t break the record of the biggest live event but, it became one of the most viewed YouTube gaming events.


Epic Games developed the Fortnite video game in the year 2017. The game can be played on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems. The players fight in the battlefield to survive the game till the end. The game received Teen Choice Award for Choice Video Game and other awards too. Many tournaments are held for this game by the company and other creators. 

Fortnite’s “The End” event

Fortnite was down for almost 48 hours, players were only able to see the black screen in that time period. And within a week after the game was launched again, the live event ‘The End’ was held by the company which proved to be a huge success. Epic Games revealed that the event got 1.4 million concurrent viewers on Twitter which is a record-breaker count.

Most viewed gaming event on Twitter, with 50.7 million minutes watched and 42.8 million views.

And the Twitch got more than 1.7 million views in total from Fortnite stream and other popular streams. There were other creators who were also streaming the event of Fortnite. The company said it is recording-breaking views for a Video Game on the platform.

Whereas Youtube received 4.3 million views on all Fortnite channels. It has been added in the list of youtube’s most-watched gaming event although other live events like Live Coachella performances from Beyonce are still leading the number of views.

Fornite is one of the most popular games in the field of battle games but players started losing interest in it. However, now it is again becoming the interest of the players. On October 16 the company relaunched the game. More exciting features and add ups were included in the game with this new update. The new season ‘chapter two’ was rolled after two days of game blackout. It came with a new island, hidden challenges, an updated interface, and many more to regain the attention of players.

This all might be the reason for record-breaking views on huge platforms like Twitter, Twitch, and Youtube. The company, not yet revealed the number of players that were live while the event but we can assume with the views records that players’ number might also be at high count.