Galaxy S10/S11 and Galaxy Note 10 Ready to Join Samsung’s Affordable Line

Samsung is one of the brand which counts among brand which generates affordable as well as expensive smartphones. Samsung Galaxy line is always counted in the list of Samsung’s premium quality phone. Now the company is more likely planning to change the trend and launch two new more budget range Samsung Galaxy phones.

There have been information about Samsung’s affordable Galaxy phones S10/S11 lite to get launch along with Galaxy Note 10 lite. It can be assumed that Lite is added to the name of the model for their low prices. The last affordable Galaxy Note phone is Galaxy S10e at the cost of $750. Prices of the model can differ from country to country but a comparison of the prices are available on various sites.

Samsung Galaxy S10/S11 is supposed to run an octa-core processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC and inbuilt storage is expected to be 128 GB and RAM of GB. the model will have a triple-camera setup with 32 Megapixel front camera. The specifications are expected to match Galaxy A91 specs. so we can expect that the phone will have a 6.71-inch display with full HD resolution and a battery of 4500 Mah.

There are not yet any specification or feature release of Galaxy Note 10 lite. We can say that if Samsung Galaxy S10/S11 lite have high specifications so Galaxy Note 10 lite might be having equal or more features.

We can see Samsung New Flagship Phones are to enter the market with a budget-friendly strategy. To win the race of the smartphone industry good quality phone at pocket-friendly prices have become a new trend. Samsung too is cutting price from its most premium Galaxy line.