Google brings new feature to its maps that speaks foreign places’ name

Google is planning on bringing the new translation tools to Google Maps. The company is trying to make traveling more convenient. Most of the time when people visit a foreign country and look for a specific place.  They prefer Google maps as well as the guidance of local people. But if Google maps is already open, they go back then open Google Translate which is a time-consuming task.

Google Map Translate feature

Google Maps new translate feature is aiming to resolve this issue. The feature is already rolling out in Google. From now on, users will have a Translate button i.e. speaker icon. While searching for a location, users can click on the icon to translate the address in the local language.

Collaboration of Google Maps and Translate apps will help travelers who just don’t rely on the directions. Another use of this feature is text-to-speech technology. Users can directly type something in the Google maps app and it will translate it in the audio of the local language.

There are chances that the inclusion of in-app translation in Google Maps might result in lesser use of translation app. However, this new feature will appear whenever the user is in another country where the language is not similar to the default language.

Google has been giving updates and adding new features to Google maps from some time. Till now these features are improving the navigation app experiences. Now it is to see if the decision of adding Translate features into Maps result in a positive way.