Google Assistant to Give News in Audio with Latest ‘Your News Update’ Feature

Google Assistant will now be able to respond to the “play me to the news”. Google has rolled a new update today with a feature “Your News Update.”

The Googler assistant user on any smartphone or smart speakers can get the benefit of this feature. Google Assistant’s latest feature will have news in short forms first and then to brief versions. It gives options to users for creating a personalized audio news feed.

Google Assitant will give an update to users about the local weather reports, give National headlines, and traffic updates and much more. This feature will gather information from top news distributors and channels like ABC, AP, Politico, PBS, CNN, Cheddar and CBS and more.

The sound news stories will first give short, general interest news bites and if users want they can get the longer-form stories. This will be convenient and ease feature for people who like to get updates of news at any time.

Google says that news features not just directly work, it analyzes the audio files for matching the stories with users. Users who want to use this feature have to install the Google app and go to the Assistant settings.

Now, the News Update feature is only available for the US. Google promises to launch the feature worldwide next year.