Google ‘Cameos’ is now available on Android to Connect Fans and Celebrities in a Unique Way!

Google launches the Cameos app for the Android operating system. The application was only available for iOS systems from last year.

What is Cameos App?

Google cameo app was launched on August 7, 2018. The app was specially introduced for celebrities and public figures so that they can get to know what people want to know about them and get to answer the most asked questions about them in videos.

Cameos celebrity users can post videos answering the question which are asked by their fans and directly get available on Google search list of most searched question. Interested users can request access to the application by downloading and filling the form or if Google sends an invitation for the joining to the celebrity.

Google Cameo App

Google Cameos iOS app was available only in the App Store, now it is launched more Android

Record video answers to the most asked questions on Google and then post them right to Google. Now, when people search for you, they’ll get answers directly from you

Cameos App for Android

Google Cameos Android app for celebrities is recently launched. Application is available on Google Playstore, and Google is reviewing and accepting the application of public figures from different fields whether it be films, sports, models, chefs, influencers, singers, business celebrities and more. Basically, every person who is the interest of the public, people search about those people and ask questions. Now Google wants celebrities themselves to record videos of answers and post for the fans.

Google said it will now frequently add questions for the celebrity users so that they can be more active. Google shows option ‘for the fans’ or ‘most asked by users’ with the count of questions each section has. Celebrity can select any head and answer the question. There is another section ‘trending topic’ from where a celebrity can pick a topic and share his/her opinions in video recording, its like Twitter of Google.

Google Cameo App


Now that Google Cameos comes to Android, more users will be added. According to Google 500 plus users are using the Cameos and now the company will give more updates for the app. We know that most celebrities prefer Apple smartphones as it is a premium brand in smartphones but now they are opting for Android-based premium phones too.

Earlier, the only connection between fans and celebrities was newspaper, screens, stage shows, radio interviews. Trend changed a little then the fans started knowing their favorite stars through magazines, TV interviews, and promotional shows. A more development came and celebrities started sharing their life and opinions through social media platforms like posts, stories, and tweets. After all these communication platform fans were still not able to find many answers about their favorite celebrity.

Google updates of most asked questions to the list of that public figure will improve the fan’s experiences. Google Cameos Android app might make the communication between fans and stars easier and reachable.