Google finally announces its new cloud gaming platform Stadia

Google announced Stadia, a universal cloud gaming platform that will allow launching AAA games on any device that supports the Google browser. They promise that it will be possible to launch the game in 5 seconds, the stream of which you just watched on YouTube.

Earlier, Google already introduced its Project Stream platform, which allowed you to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey through the Google Chrome browser. Now the company allows you to launch other projects, and this can be done from any device, not just a PC.

The launch of the new Stadia platform was announced in San Francisco, California during the annual conference for game developers. According to CNN, Stadia users will be able to play games over Wi-Fi, and therefore they will not have to download them to their devices. Players will also not need special equipment.

The new service will allow you to play AAA games through the Chrome browser on any device – Chromecast, laptops, smartphones, etc.

In addition to the ability to run any AAA game in HD quality at 60 frames per second through the Chrome browser, the main feature of Stadia will be the linking of this service with Youtube: a special button will appear in the game’s videos and streams on Youtube, by clicking on which you can launch on 5 seconds play streaming from your device – no additional downloads are required.

To support Stadia, the company will release a controller with the same name – it is not required to use the service, but makes cloud gaming even more convenient and comfortable. For example, the Stadia controller will have a separate button, one click of which will allow you to record your gameplay and share it on YouTube, it will also connect via Wi-Fi directly to Google services, minimizing the delay.

Stadia supports control devices already on the market – you can use your usual mouse, keyboard or controller when playing through Chrome. Google promises that in Stadia 10.7 teraflops of power is allocated for each player – this is more than the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro combined.

At the time of launch, Stadia will support 4K resolution at 60 FPS with HDR, and in the future, the company plans to add support for 8K and 120 FPS. The platform also supports engines Havok, CryEngine, Unreal Engine, Unity, and others. Stadia servers are powered by the Vulkan and Linux APIs.

Google also notes that when playing multiplayer games through Stadia, you can be sure that you will never meet with hackers or cheaters.

Platform users will be able to send short links to friends and subscribers: by clicking on them, they will be able to continue the game from the same place and with the same settings.

Google also talked about creating Stadia Games and Entertainment – its own gaming studio, which will create exclusive content for the platform.

Unfortunately, Google Stadia will not be available in Russia at launch. Initially, the platform will be available in several languages ​​at once, including English, German, French, and Japanese.

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