Google ‘Find My Device’ Feature will Now Work for Laptops and PC too

Google is working on making other platforms like desktop computers more compatible for users. First, Google photos web update with video editor has launched. Now next, the tech giant is improving it’s Find My Device feature and giving an ability to work with laptops too. Previously called Google’s My Devices page received a makeover, still, used by many G Suite feature users.

Google’s Find My Device feature for desktop computers will work in a similar as it does for Android mobile devices. It will have wipe, lock and locate the option for the lost or stolen devices. It functions mostly like the android’s Find my device.

This is a new user-friendly interface of this feature. Users will be able to manage and locate each device or check Info. Rather than getting directed towards GSuite business users, Find My Device is more focusing on consumers.

Users can use the ‘your devices’ option to track the Google-connected Chromebooks, desktop or laptops, Android and Wear OS devices. Also, users can see all G Suite account linked hardware, or do the extension and much more.

Users who are interested can get access to the feature from Google has decided to move it from Soon all of the domains might receive the updates as it not possible for a company to roll it out in a single day for everyone.