Google introduces ‘Android Auto for Phone Screens’ Only for Android 10 Users

Google launches a new app named ‘Android Auto for Phone Screens’ for Android 10 phones. This application is a fix for Google’s own created issue.

Earlier Google removed the need for separate Android Auto, the company merged the feature in Android 10 operating system. But with this integration came with a new problem for those users who don’t have a compatible head unit in their car. These Android 10 users were unable to operate the Android auto on their phone.

Google’s fix for this problem is rolling out again in the form of a separate app. This application converts Android UI to more convenient for easy touch. The voice detection is the primary level of interaction.

Now the fix is here but initially, the step for removing the Android auto app was taken to replace it with New Assistant Driving Mode. In may Google previewed that it will launch a new Google assistant for driving mode. Until today there is no such technology released and According to Verge a spokesperson informed that

There’s still “no update at this time” on when it will be released.

The new app Android Auto for Phone Screens availability is only for Android 10 phones. There might be a chance it will change in the future.

As we already know that Google has a long term plan to develop Android on TVs and wearables and Android in cars. This Android 10 bug fix can be seen as the first initiative to improve these technologies.