Google is Finally Rolling Out RCS Texting System in US

Google surprised some people last year by bypassing carriers. Also, it was in highlights for enabling RCS for users in the UK as well as in France.

RCS Chat features was not a big deal in the UK and France because people don’t usually prefer chatting through SMS. People are convinced of using messaging apps like WhatsApp. However, Google said that the company will do the same in the US market. Google is finally achieving it after working things out.

Rich Communication Services i.e. RCS supports large size images, typing indicators, read receipts, chat over Wi-Fi and larger group chats. Now, RCS chat rolling out to all Android users in the US and there is an easy way to get it. Users have to set the Android messages app as default of all texting app on the phone. After an option will come as ‘enable chat features’ which will enable RCS in the Messages app for any carrier. RCS is only available for Android Messages app from Google, it is not yet supported by iPhone.

US carrier’s four huge companies say that they will be supporting the RCS through new application. Google plans to spread this service in a vast area of the US  by the end of 2019.

Google is continuously making efforts to replace the traditional SMS with RCS and make it Android’s primary texting platform. In April 2018, the tech giant stopped the working process of Google Allo to more focus on RCS/Chat in Messages. Now we have to wait for the response of the US audience.