Google is Testing New Drawing Tool and Account Switch Feature for ‘Photos’ App!

Google is finally working on adding Drawing tool support and Account switcher in search bar in Google Photos app.

Google Photos drawing tools

Jane Manchun Wong, a tech blogger, and app reverse engineer made a post via her twitter account saying Google is testing the drawing tool for Google photos. Users will be able to paint the surface of their photos or add text in the picture.

Google Photos user drawing tools is seen with a pen in seven different color options. Although the size of the text and width of stroke is not yet customizable as the feature is still in the testing phase.

There is a similar featured ‘markup’ screenshot editor available. However, users are more excited about the Photos drawing tool.

Google Photos Switcher

Google Photos swipe-to-switch feature is similar to Google Gmail. Users will be enabled to swipe up or down to change from one account to another.

Most of Google Apps are now being added with the account switch feature. Now Jane Wong discovered the testing feature by finding it on app code and manually enabling it.

Recently a Google Photos New Feature ‘memories’ was also added. The app collects a group of picture from the past and shows it to the user. Users can manually select to share the memory with another person.

You can manage people & pets you want displayed in your Memories, select dates to hide, and turn Memories on or off all through Settings > Memories.

There’s no information when the drawing tool and switcher update will officially be given to Google Photos Android app or iOS app. But it is expected that the new feature might roll out soon.