Google Map Ban for Misleading Navigation in an Italian Town!

Salvatore Corrias, the mayor of an Italian town Baunei gave order to post signs banning Google Maps in the town. Baunei is a comune located on the Sardinia island of Italy. The town is covered with seaside mountains and tourists require proper direction guidance, most tourists rely on Google Map directions.

Google Maps banned in Italian Town is because the directions given by the app resulted in making tourists stuck on the wrong route. From the last two years, Town was experiencing major numbers of tourists getting their cars in one way roads where no turn around is possible or on a path made for hikers.

Misleading directions of Google Maps led to a total of 144 rescue missions in the town. Salvatore Corrias gave several interviews to local media informing about Google Maps’ misleading direction condition. These rescue missions are causing an expense for the town as well as a bad experience for tourists. The administration is now begging the drivers to not use the directions of Google map as they are not a reliable source for navigation, instead, people can opt for Apple maps or other apps.

Google Maps directions are most used for route guidance globally regardless of the availability of other map applications. Now, the Google Maps ban in Baunei should give Google a message to improve basic features in map application.