Google Maps to Give Detailed Voice Guidance for Visually Impaired

Google Maps New feature is added to the application. It will provide Detailed voice guidance to the people who can’t see or those who have weak eye sights. Google Maps chose a perfect day to launch the new feature i.e.The World Sight Day.

Today a sound person also needs to rely on directions seen on Google Maps. But Google Maps have taken navigation to the next level. Google Maps’ new Navigation settings will give clear details on voice assistance of directions to the individuals who can’t depend on their eye sights. The feature can be manually enabled by going in Google Maps settings, then “ Navigation Settings” within its “walking options” and there will be an option for “ detailed voice guidance”.

Google Maps settings for visually impaired is great initiative taken by the company. The idea came from Google’s business analyst Wakana Sugiyama who is visually impaired. She said it’s easy for a blind person to take paths that are in routine but new routes make it difficult. Google maps improved walking directions will be a great help with detailed voice direction for the people walking in routes.

Google Maps Detailed voice guidance is currently available in worldwide language English and Japanese. The new feature is available in both and iOS systems.