Google Launched Nest Wifi 2 in the Pixel 4 Event in New York

Google recently launched the successor of Nest wifi in the Pixel 4 event in new york. It is a refreshed and updated version of the older Google Wifi system.

The most interesting part about the new Google Nest Wifi is that it has a smart speaker powered by Google Assistant.

The market of mesh wifi system has been increasing from the last few years. The Google Nest Wifi price is slightly expensive than the existing products. The router costs $170 and the points cost $150 for each separately. Google also offers some for router-plus-points. One router with one point costs $270 and with two points costs $350 which is a little reasonable. Google’s router covers up to 2,200 sq. ft. and 1,600 square feet is covered by one point.

The Google Nest setup reviews say that it has the most simplest setup. It supports powerful and reliable wireless internet connection. Google Nest Wifi features lesser hardware and more features in comparison to three-year-old Google mesh and existing mesh system.

Nest Wifi’s performance is definitely increased with the presence of smart voice assistant. Although there is a drawback for some users, the lack of ethernet ports. There are two ports in the base router and one of them is occupied for the modem connection. So only one port can be really utilized. This is a disappointment for those who require the highest speed internet like for playing games.

Google Nest, however, is a great option for those who need a good internet connection all over the house or personal office.