Google Pay Includes Facial recognition support for All Pixel 4 Users

Google added a Facial recognition support feature for payments in the Google Pay app for Android. The update in the application is initially only available for Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL.

Google Pay

Google pay is an online payment service of Google which is available on Google Playstore as well as App Store. Although the iOS device’s Google pay can only send and receive payments, it does not support in-store payments.

Google introduced ‘Android pay’ named payment service in the year 2015 And a soft card payment service Google Wallet in the year 2011. Google launched an app Tez in india in the year 2017 which was changed and named as Google pay in August 2018. Same year in January Google merged Android pay and Google wallet and rebranded it as Google pay worldwide. Now, this payment service is supported almost in 29 countries.

Google Pay Update

The latest Google pay update has been included the app with biometric application program interface. Google pay android users will now be able to use face recognition for making payment. A secondary option will also be available for standard fingerprint recognition. However, the Pixel 4 phone users are the only one to get the benefit of this feature for the time being.

Pixel 4

Recently Pixel 4 phones were launched, and both the phones came up with advanced features and an ultra-fast face unlock feature. The phone lacks the fingerprint unlock technology. It is expected that this is the reason for the latest Google pay Face recognition support update.

Google Pay Biometric
Pixel 4 smartphone users can use the new feature by getting an updated version 2.100.275591585 for the Google Pay app from Playstore. Users can enable the biometric feature by going in the app ‘setting’ then to ‘sending money’ and turning on the ‘Use biometrics instead’. This feature will be more safer and faster for the ht payments.

Google has taken the initiative to include face recognition in the application and also have informed app developers to include biometric prompt application program interface in the next update after November 1. So we can expect the most of the smartphone technology app will include face recognition feature.