Google Photos Update for Web Gets A Friendlier Video Editor

Google is rolling out a new video editor for Google Photos web interface. Google products mostly focus on smartphones that sometimes result in less of the desktop experience. Now that Google Photos web interface is now getting video editor there might still be some drawbacks.

Google Photos already received features like an advanced video editor. Last year with the new update for Google Photos for Android received the video editor. It was added with some features like Express backup and dark mode as well as search text in pictures.

Google Photos web’s movie editor is not more than a new timeline editor for movies. The improvements are minimum like to add video clips, photos, live photos. Also, users can reposition, trim or change music.

Users cannot add captions or text or any filter in the video by working with this video editing feature. So this editor cannot be compared with the most basic video editing software. However, Google giving minor add up is impressive for other platforms.

As we know Google always first introduces the feature or app at its least capabilities. Soon the tech Giant gives frequent updates and makes improvements whether device or apps. We can expect the same for this update too.

Google Photos web update for this feature getting released in batches and might take some time to reach all the users.