Google Pixel 4 Event : All the important Announcements, Highlights, News you want to Know!

Google Pixel 4 2019 event was among the most discussed topics. There were several rumors and guess works of what more Google may announce. Today the event finally took place and the company revealed some new Google hardware.

Google’s 2019 launch event was primarily held for introducing Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL. The event was named “ The Made by Google” where many important announcements by the company were made.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones were the main focus of the event. Pre-order for the phones are already started and shipping will start from October 24. Both the smartphones have optical zoom lens and hybrid digital camera with HDR effect and Live HDR plus feature.

Google Pixel Buds the next generation wireless buds are introduced in the event. Google says the buds will support long-range connectivity with high sound quality. Earpods will have up to 5 hours of battery life after each full battery charge and wireless charging case is also available whic will increase 24 hours of charge. The price of the pixel buds maybe $179 and it may get launch in mid-month of the year 2020.

Google Pixelbook Go will soon be available for pre-order at the price of$649. It is basically a smaller and more portable version of Pixelbook. The looks of the pixel book go is slightly different as it has a ribb textured both to make it more convenient to hold and less slippery.

Google Stadia launch date is announced in the event. Stadia will roll out from November 19 and will only be used with Pixel series for now.

Google Nest Wifi and Nest Mini were also introduced in the event. Nest wifi price is $349 for a 3-pack and $269 for a single router. It will available for purchase in the market from November 4. Nest Mini will cost $49 and is available in the market from October 22. The new nest mini is said to have better sound quality and come with a processor that is inbuilt for faster response.

Google also announced about Titan a privacy and security hub of google will get updates to increase the privacy controls for users. Although the announcement made in the made by event of google was no surprise as leaks were already in headlines for a long time but it’s great for the audience to get a new updated hardware range.