Google Pixel 4 “Live Caption” Feature Soon to Join Pixel 3 and Pixel 3A Device!

Google is one of those tech giants which frequently adds up innovative ideas to its technology. Sometimes the ideas prove to be successful and sometimes they get criticism. However, Google doesn’t stop bringing new updates and features.

Google introduced one more new feature “live caption” in Google Pixel 4. This feature will basically caption every spoken word going on in the device. For example. It will caption the videos, movies, podcasts, and more. The exception for this feature will be the ongoing Pixel 4 Phone and video calls. New live caption will definitely be a support to people with impaired hearing and for those who cannot use the sound for any specific period like public transport, etc.

Pixel 4 live caption feature is available with customization options. You can expand the caption box or you can move the box anywhere on the screen as convenient. Also, what’s interesting about this feature is it won’t require any sort of internet connection or Wifi connection. The function is inbuilt and will work internally.

For now, captions will only support the English language and are available in pixel 4 for the time being. In December the feature may get updated in Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 A. Google also said that there are chances soon more languages will be added in the live caption feature.