Google Pixel 4a Can be a Game Changing Mid-Range Smartphone!

Google just released its Pixel 4 devices i.e. Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL, and there are already some expectations of Google Pixel 4a. These expectations are building upon because Google launched Pixel 3a in May 2019 an affordable version of the Pixel 3 series. Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL were launched in the year 2018 and after that, the company launched Pixel 3a as a surprise in Google IO 2019. Most of the features and specifications of the phone are similar.

The tech giant made Google Pixel Series flagship as well as mid-range phones. Google Pixel 3a. The phone was a great substitute version of Pixel 3 flagship models, it offered similar software experience, great camera, AMOLED display. Some drawbacks it had were having no wireless charging, plastic body and no waterproofing.

Google Pixel 4 smartphones were in highlights for a long time. We pretty much knew everything about the phone before its launch. However, it didn’t perform as good as Pixel 3 phones after entering the market.

There are no such rumors or leaks that are spotted but we can assume Google will follow the same steps for 4a just like it did for 3a. Although we don’t know the exact date for Google IO 2020. Google Pixel 4a launch date is expected to be in the event only.

Google Pixel 4a Price detail is not known, we can assume that the price will lower than the Pixel 3a. The reason for this guess is because Pixel 4 costs less than Pixel 3.

Google Pixel 4a Specifications are also unknown, however, there are some inclusion that are expected to bring in the phone.

Some highlights of Pixel 4

  • 90Hz display
  • Powerful face unlock
  • Motion Sense hand gestures
  • Dual rear cameras
  • New processor
  • More RAM

If Google pixel 4a does not have a 90Hz display, it won’t really affect the user experience. And it is obvious that if the company wants to make an affordable subling of Pixel 4, they have to drop some of the features and specifications. The absence of 90Hz display will not make a difference, most of the users do not understand tech so deeply.

The facial recognization system of Pixel 4 is definitely convenient for some people but some also think that it is not as secure as a fingerprint unlock system. And a drawback of Pixel for face unlock is in highlights that the phone can be unlocked with the user’s closed eyes. Google can just drop this feature and bring back the Fingerprint unlock in Pixel 4a. It would also drop the manufacturing price for the company.

Motion sense and hand gestures are the most important highlight of Pixel 4 and users will want the company to include this sensor in 4a. We don’t know how much it costs the company to have soli radar chip technology but the expected price is higher. We would not say that the company should remove this from Pixel 4a, but google should bring this technology to a mid-range phone. Also, they might remove the Motion Sense feature to keep Pixel 4 flagship phones with a unique technology.

Google downgraded the camera in Pixel 3a than Pixel 3 which was a minor disappointment. But we expect that the company should not make this decision for Pixel 4a because now the mid-range phones have good quality cameras. Pixel 4’s Dual rear cameras give it a weird yet unique design which should be in 4a phones.

Google is expected to bring the latest technologies in Pixel 4a but at affordable prices. We don’t know if the company will stick to the highlights of Pixel, however, they never fail to bring the unexpected. So let’s wait for the information or leaks to come about 4a just like it happened with Pixel 4 before its launch.