Google may Launch Pixel Watch with New Pixel Smartphone

Google Pixel Watch is again in the news and gaining the attention of the audience. Through the sources, Google Pixel Watch may release next week on 15th October 2019. There could be a launch event of Google Pixel 4 phone in New York and we may expect the Pixel Watch to be launched with it.

Although the Google Pixel Watch launch date was rumored last year three to four times and never turned out to be true. There were rumors that Google was all set to launch Pixel watch back in 2016 with the First-Pixel phone. It was a disappointment for Google technology users. But this time the information has come from Nikkie Asian Review who is well known for predicting the launch updates.

The search giant will unveil two new 4G Pixel smartphones, as expected, and possibly a new smartwatch and notebook too.

Google Pixel Watch has become the most awaited gadgets over the last few years. Finally, there are chances of it getting introduced in the Google Pixel 4 event. There is no confirmation about the watch but through the sources, we know that Google Pixel Watch features may include a built-in camera, fitness trackers and it may run Google wear operation system. However, rumors also suggest that Google adopted a hybrid watch technology and may not have its own operating system in pixel watch.

All the information about Google Pixel Watch is from sources, Google has not made an announcement. Google Pixel 4 itself is in handlines for many times. If the rumors turn out to be true Google will become first in the race with Apple to launch a 5G handset.