Google Play Store Incognito Mode to Prevent Unknown Applications!

Google play store application is the main source for the distribution of apps that are secure. But sometimes other app services succeed in finding the loopholes and getaway into the system. Google Playstore’s unknown apps are detected by the company as well as the user.

According to the XDA developer report, Google discontinued the toggle which allowed users to install applications from “unknown sources”. This led to improving the security by asking for user’s permission each time there’s an APK generated outside google play store. But some apps which can de download from developers site need permission to install APK. Chrome asks for permission to sideload the APK installer and users tend to forget to turn off the permission,  which results in giving permanent access.

The Google company is making an effort to build a warning system that notifies users about security threat apps. The warning system is been called Google play store incognito mode. Incognito mode is already been placed on youtube, google maps, and chrome for providing privacy to the users. Playstore incognito mode has not stopped the application from unknown sources but will work as a detector to create warnings for users. However, it will be in the user’s control to turn off or turn on Google incognito mode.

Google is continuously working toward an increase in the privacy factors and incognito mode for apps which sounds a great option. There is no announcement made by the company about the launch of Playstore incognito mode. The mode will make smartphones more secure and user-friendly. So let’s wait for the update of Google play store incognito mode