Google Podcasts Web Recent Update with More Useful Tweaks!

Google launched the Google Podcasts app last year (2018) in June for Andriod devices and also for Google Assistant devices. In the same phase, Google made an announcement about introducing Google Podcasts web version for iOS, Windows, and Android. Back in May, 2019 Google Podcast’s web was finally rolled out.

Google Podcasts’ web app is available through Google Search engine for smartphones and desktops. There have been several updates after Google Podcasts release for application and web app that includes the “auto-download” feature and updated theme designs for sleep timer, Playback speed, and more.

Recently, more Google Podcasts’ usability tweaks for the web are already updated for more user-friendly experiences. The first tweak that added is for the already existing Play Button which will now include the length of the episode. Earlier it was required to click the top of the page to see the episode length. Episode title will now be available with a small description on the outside menu with the publish date.

Google Podcasts’ useful tweaks are added for primary listing. Now there will be an option available at the top of the app “Visit website”. Within it, the option “Available episodes” will be shown.  Another tweak “Download the app” is added in the navigation area of the Google podcasts. All these tweaks are added for making the availability of the information directly on the main page.

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