Google Stadia to Change the Future of Gaming with ‘Negative Latency’

Google stadia is an online streaming service for gaming. It’s a platform that gives users a number of choices in games where they can directly play without download or installation. Stadia will not require any console and can be played on the already existing tech i.e. smartphones, TVs, and tablets. This is possible because of streaming technology. It’s not yet clear when will Google Stadia game streaming will be out in the market.

“Ultimately, we think in a year or two we’ll have games that are running faster and feel more responsive in the cloud than they do locally, regardless of how powerful the local machine is,” Google engineering vice president Madj Bakar said, also added that google calls this as ‘negative latency ‘.

Google believes that it will make game streaming faster for the players. Bakar added that there are two different ways to decrease the lagging in video game streaming. One is by making a system that predicts the movement of the player and take advance action. Another is to increase the frame per second when the user is playing the game.

Google is aiming to change the way of gaming experience. It could be a failure or success, as it is yet to be out for user testing. But It is expected to cost around $10  per month. One computer engineer tweeted about negative latency being just for the marketing, it cannot be physically possible. Although with researches in CPU design predictive button input can be introduced.

Eurogamers played the demo game and said google stadia is not yet in HDR or 4K. It’s not yet in the high quality for the launch. The Xbox One X version is available in the highest latency and google stadia is looking forward to beat that quality. PC gamers also played the demo game and said it got them killed. The stadia’s latency was not yet capable of fast-paced games. Gamer died several times in the first phase of the game which was supposed to be easiest.

“After a few minutes playing it’s less of an issue, but despite smooth-looking framerates, it never feels quite as responsive as I’d like. Watch someone else play and Stadia looks quite good, but in person, the delayed input to screen loop is very noticeable.”

The genuine response for google stadia will be known after the launch. It is a technology that requires a decent internet connection and which may become a drawback for some players.