Google Starts Rolling Out ‘Incognito Mode’ For Google Maps Android Users

Google released its famous Incognito mode in Google Maps for Android. Incognito mode is already available in Google Chrome, Youtube, and more. This mode when turned on or opened, it doesn’t get influenced by search history or watch history.

Incognito Mode

New Incognito feature was announced by the company at Google IO four months ago. Now Google Maps Global Update is rolling out. Many users have already started receiving the update. The company is releasing the new Google Maps Android update in batches. so those who have not yet received the update in the latest version will receive it soon.

Google maps version 10.26 and above will be receiving the update in the application. The feature can be turned on by clicking on the profile picture in the app then selecting ‘Turn on Incognito mode’.

Google Maps Incognito Mode

Google maps Incognito Mode won’t save browsing history, use personal data, update location history. Google maps community manager, Olivia T said the incognito mode won’t change the working way of application.

When you turn on Incognito mode, your activity in Maps-like the places you search or get directions to won’t be saved to your Google Account.

Turning on Incognito mode in Maps does not affect how your activity is used or saved by internet providers, other apps, voice search, and other Google services

Google Maps incognito mode does not support some of the apps features like Location History and Sharing, Search history, Your Places, Media integration, commute, messages, Notifications, Maps Contributions, Navigation’s Google Assistant microphone, Offline Maps, and Search completion suggestions.

Google Maps users who doesn’t want their navigation history to be known by family or friend, they can use the incognito mode. Although turning on the mode doesn’t mean that the activities are not saved. Google informed some sources that the data is stored in a different manner rather than Google account of the user. This unique session identifier can get refreshed between sessions.