Google’s Wear OS Receives Update to Redesign Playstore for Easy Navigation

Google rolled out an update for its Wear OS, which changes the design of Google Play on Wear OS. Earlier known by the name Android Wear is Google’s operating system for wearable devices. Now it is changed and know by Wear OS by Google.

Google redesigns Play Store to provide more organized and easy to use experience. Earlier, the menu indication was covered with the search button, now it is redesigned. There was an annoying pull-down menu in Google Play.

The next change came with an update of Play Store for Wear OS is that all the application are shifted to the main screen. New buttons for My Apps are now available along with accounts and settings button at the bottom.

Google Playstore update for Wear OS

There are not many changes that can be seen with the Play Store update for all Wear OS. 9 to 5 report say there are some slight changes like a little darker background that will come in notice if older and newer play store is compared. Although most of the users don’t prefer apps on wear OS as they are not much of use. So Google play store use seems to be neglected on the watch.

Google rolled out a Play Store update is not a major step, however, we can assume this is done because the tech giant itself planning to enter the smartwatch difference. The new update will available on all Wear OS soon.