Huawei’s Mate X Unboxing Video on YouTube Indicates its First Foldable Phone Design!

Huawei Mate X unboxing video is recently witnessed on Youtube. Huawei Foldable phone was first planned to get launch in the summer of 2019. However, the launch was postponed due to the requirement of improvement in this new technology.

Samsung is the first brand to launch a foldable phone in the industry. The company launched its Samsung Galaxy Fold at $1,980 in September 2019. Samsung also postponed the launch last-minute for Galaxy Fold because of tech issues with the display. Although the phone reviews still says the phone needs more improvements in battery life and display design.

Huawei’s first Foldable phone Mate X is expected to give competition to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The phone was not expected to get launch until November. But CEO Richard Yu said Mate X may launch in October 2019.

“The manufacturing of this phone is not only very expensive but has some challenges for volume and mass production.”

According to reports, Huawei’s Foldable phone launch will finally take place in October. But some people are already getting their hands on the phone. Huawei Mate X unboxing video shows that the display folds outside which may result in scratches on screen. Unlike Samsung Galaxy Fold, its display Folds inside when not in use.

Huawei Mate X price said to be $2,600 which is much higher than Galaxy Fold. Although the phone is expected to have 5G networking and it might be powered with new Kirin 990 chip.