Hulu app’s Download Feature for Offline Viewing is Now Available For Android Users!

Hulu app is rolling out download feature for Android users. Users must have a subscription to Hulu ‘No Ads Plan’ for enabling this feature.

About Hulu

Hulu is a subscription-based video streaming service of Walt Disney and NBCUniversal. Hulu has collaboration with more sixty TV channels, and stream the shows after 24 hours of TV broadcast. Users can watch online movies as well as live TV on Hulu.

Hulu offers two monthly plans, $5.99 offers one-month free use and access to unlimited content like Hulu originals, movies, series, etc. Another plan costs $44.99 with seven days free trial and it gives access to all content including live shows of sports, entertainment, news, etc. Users can also record shows in apps 50 hours cloud storage. The subscriptions can be changed or canceled anytime.

Hulu downloads

In early October month, Hulu added the download feature in the application. Initially, the new download feature was only added for the Hulu iOS app. Now the company has also added the feature for Hulu Android app. Hulu’s this feature update was unexpected because usually any new app or feature takes time to come around in Android systems after getting launched for iOS.

Hulu App 'Download' feature for Android

Users have started getting the latest update to the new version. To get the benefit of the new feature users must have the latest Hulu app version.

Download feature is not applicable to all the shows or movies streaming on the app. The content which is downloadable will have a download icon in front of the title.

Hulu download feature

The company also added some limitations for the users. One Hulu account can only download up to 25 contents. Also the number of downloads can only be done in the limit of five devices. Users can watch the downloaded content within 30 days or else it will require a renew. And two days to complete watching the ongoing content, for example, you start watching a downloaded movie and left it in between, after two days the film download will expire. Although if you have the ‘no ads plan’ in the app, it can again be downloaded until it’s in Hulu catalog. The cost of this plan is $ 11.99 per month which is slightly expensive than the basic plan.

Download of movies or shows can be done in standard or high quality. Standard will consume less storage and high quality will have good visuals. Users can select what’s suitable for them the quality or the space.

The new feature is beneficial for the users who watch shows or movies while being in no network or weak network zone. However, Hulu service is considered lowest in the list of paid video streaming app. Hulu users frequently post tweets and complaints about bad services of the app. The company is trying to improve its services by giving updates.