Issa Rae Becoming Second Celebrity Voice Assistant For Google

Issa Rae to become Google assistant’s new voice. Issa Rae is a well – known American actress for HBO’s show “Insecure” and youtube series “Awkward Black Girl” and also a popular writer and producer.  John Legend was the first celebrity voice for the Google assistant. Now Google has decided to cast Google Assistant’s second celebrity voice after one year.

Google Assistant’s voice Issa Rae recorded numerous answers and conversation but it will not fully take over the voice assistant. You just have to say “Hey Google, talk like Issa.” and her voice will pop up or you can manually change the assistant voice to Issa Rae in settings. It will be available on all google assistant applications on smartphones and speakers as well as smart displays. Although Issa Rae’s voice is available as google assistant voice for a fixed time in the English language.

Celebrity voice cameo will be there to answer general questions. Google provided some sample questions like “What do you think of me?” or “Tell me a joke.”. There are some specific questions that are recorded in Issa’s voice. She also recorded some appreciation for questions like ‘ how do I look’. She recorded random sentences for Google Assistant to get trained. There may be a chance of both celebrity’s voices to be on google assistant as an option for the users.

Companies like Amazon and Google are opting for celebrity voices in their smart voice system to make the user more interested in their technologies.  Serious competition is running between these companies. Amazon is soon planning to introduce Samuel L. Jackson’s voice as a voice assistant in place of Alexa. Voice assistant is possible because of the Wavenet technology which turns speech patterns to audio text inputs by analyzing.