LG Patent’s New Concept of Extendable Display Smartphone

Mobile companies nowadays are working hard continuously by introducing innovative designs for mobile phones. Now LG has come up with a new next-generation design. Let’s go digital has spotted a new LG patent that has a 3 display segment which makes an extendable display.

This LG Smartphone will turn into a 100-percent larger display like a tablet when both sides of the display are extended. LG submitted the patent to the World Intellectual Property Office ( WIPO ) on November 15 which includes a detailed description of the phone as well as some sketches. The images show that smartphones fold from two points.

There have been more past LG patents with the design of the extendable display. In the year 2017, one patent was spotted with the kind of similar design.

Samsung is frequently in news for its foldable smartphones and previously the company also introduced an expandable display device design. Although it does not open from the center but from the right.

Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are struggling because they are first-generation of their type. It will take some type of foldable phones to achieve perfection. Motorola Razr 2019 is also on its way but it also holds some of the drawbacks.

LG patent does not show any USB port or charging port in the design. there are just some small holes at the edges. We can expect them to be speakers. We can assume that if LG’s extendable design goes live, it will support wireless connections.