Now Command Siri to make ‘Google Voice’ Calls and messages

Google Voice rolled out a new update for iOS devices. With this latest update, iOS devices can now use Google voice by commanding intelligent assistant Apple Siri. The users can make calls or send messages by giving instructions like “hey Siri! Call Jennifer on Google voice” or “Hey Siri! send a message using voice call”.

What is Google Voice?

Google voice app is an internet-based service by which its clients can set one voice number from available options. Google this voice service on March 11, 2009. This service is best for people who frequently change service providers, jobs, homes and requires to change numbers. Google voice number doesn’t change, all it requires is a regular phone number with a mobile. Users can select their own voice number for free of cost while first registration and if a Change in voice number is needed, it costs a specific money amount.

Google voice is free of cost for calling purpose until international calls are not made. International call service is available in U.S., UK, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, France, Spain, and Switzerland for $0.01-and-up per minute fee. It also provides services like call forwarding, voice and text messages, voicemail, blocking numbers, and more.

Google Voice, latest iOS update

There several updates in the app since its launch. New Google Voice Update clearly is an invite update for Voice clients who have apple devices like iPhone and iPad. Siri can become familiar with users calling and messaging preferences.

Earlier this update, iPhone or Ipad device were only enabled to use Google Voice with the application. There are people who solely depend on operating devices with voice commands. Now they can use voice commands in iOS to assist Siri for making calls or texting from Voice.

This Google Voice Update for iOS is possible because of Apple’s CallKit. It allows other call-related applications to coordinate with developers calling services. CallKit shows indistinguishable interfaces from the Phone application for calls and reacts fittingly to framework level practices, for example, Do Not Disturb. Applications like VirtualPBX tap it as of now, as do, Skype, WhatsApp, and TrueCaller.

How to enable Siri control?

Users can enable Siri control manually. first, go to Google voice in-app settings menu and set default account outside the app for calling. Second, go to the iOS settings menu and then enable ‘use with Siri’ for google voice.

Google Voice users who use Apple’s assistant are relieved with this update. however, Google Assistant is not yet given an update to operate Voice, it can’t send messages or start Google Voice calls. We can expect that the company will soon give Google Voice Update for its home intelligent assistant.