Oppo Dual-Band 5G smartphone with Qualcomm to Launch in December

OPPO has officially made an announcement for the launch of its first dual-band 5G powered with Qualcomm 5G chipset phone in December 2019. This confirmation is given to the company through a post on Social platform Weibo.

Oppo Dual-Band 5G smartphone

Oppo 5G smartphone features are not yet revealed or leaked. Qualcomm recently launched its first 5G modem integrated processor. Vice president of Oppo, Shen Yiren said that the company is planning to launch the next phone with Qualcomm chipset. Also, There was several news regarding the partnership of OPPO Smartphone with Qualcomm. Although there’s no confirmation about the specification of the phone. But Oppo’s 5G smartphone is expected to have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7250 SoC.

Some major Network operator announced rollout of their 5G service in China. Now smartphone developers are also taking steps toward increasing the adoption of 5G technology.

OPPO’s Chief 5G Scientist, Henry Tang, said the phone will support standalone and non-standalone networks. Standalone setup depends on the 5G range for information move and motioning without a prior LTE organize and an NSA arrangement depends widely on the LTE band for all correspondences held among servers and back to back cellphone towers. Tang added more to the statement that the company wants to expand its 5G smartphones globally and that too in every price range.

The unrelenting efforts from OPPO and other industry peers have paved the way for the rapid adoption of 5G, with users in select countries and regions already becoming early adopters of OPPO’s 5G smartphones. We hope our next-generation dual-mode 5G offerings will deliver a superior experience to more consumers in more markets globally, making 5G readily available to a wider consumer base worldwide

Oppo is also planning to launch 5G smartphones for each flagship and mid-range phones. OPPO’s 5G expert, Shen Jia said company will give 5G variant for all models which have a price range around $450. This might be achieved by the company in the year 2020.

Also, there is information that Oppo has filed more than 2,500 worldwide patent applications. European Telecommunications Standards Institute is informed with over 1000 groups of 5G Standard Essential Patents by the company.

Oppo 5G smartphone Launch Date is not uncovered by the company, all we know is that it will be launched in the company by the end of this year. Also, we have to wait for more information on the specification of the new 5G phone.