Oppo Reportedly Working on Foldable Tablet with a Smartphone Dock

OPPO is in highlights again for doing something different. A latest OPPO patent report suggests that the company is planning for its new foldable tablet with a smartphone dock. Lets Go Digital released a report with images of the new design.

Oppo’s new patent is seen on World Intellectual Property Indicators which shows this reveals. Earlier we have seen this technology, ASUS PadFone series was released by the company where a device came with a tablet. The tablet did not work until the smartphone was inserted in the dock. This way user can operate everything on smartphones through tablet with a bigger screen.

Oppo is seen to be working on the same technology. We are witnessing many foldable devices now but this will be a first foldable tablet with a smartphone dock in the market.

OPPO's foldable tablet 1

OPPO’s foldable tablet features its own battery and processor. Also, it might feature Bluetooth, NFC, Wifi as well as music player and camera. Now all this information is seen in the patent and we can assume that the tablet will be able to work without the smartphone attached to it, unlike Asus Padfone.

OPPO's foldable tablet 2

OPPO’s foldable tablet is expected to work with several existing and upcoming OPPO smartphone. The company will release a list if this technology becomes available in the market. Thi foldable tablet will be a good accessory for those who require an extra display for watching movies or playing games or any task that would be convenient on a bugger screen.