PlayStation 4 officially releases brand new games on its PS Store

Rejoice the avid gamers of the PlayStation 4 because Sony Interactive Entertainment has come out with some new games. By the looks of it, SIE has come out with several games ranging from demo versions and complete gameplay on its PS Store. The best part about the updated PS Store is that the games are entirely fresh and have brand-new premises.

On the other hand, the newest selection of games comes from the acclaimed PlayStation Network. In addition to this, if gamers are looking for new distraction in the forthcoming week, then they should go to the newly-added category in the store itself. According to sources, the PlayStation 4 games can now download the “Deluxe Demo” version of Battle Chef Brigade as it is one of the most-awaited PS4 exclusive games of the quarter.

When it comes to downloading the games and the updates in PS4; the gamers are usually concerned about the download size of the file. However, the new surprise update of the PS4 doesn’t require a massive amount of file download. The console-exclusive gamers have to spend around 1GB to download the demo version of Battle Chef Brigade. In addition to this, installation of the demo version of Battle Chef Brigade is regarded quicker than other games in the PlayStation store.

What makes the demo version as the most-awaited game is that it is available in the PlayStation Store for more than one year. The full version of the game came with a hefty price-tag which was a turn-off for most of the gamers. Now that there is a demo version available for the game, it will draw the gamers to download the full version. Providing a demo version of a game that has been a paid game for over a year is a subtle art of game marketing technique.

Trinket Studios is the developer of Battle Chef Brigade whereas Adult Swim helms the role of the publisher of the game. One of the most remarkable things about Battle Chef Brigade is that it is an accumulation of various genres, and this makes the game both interesting intriguing to play.

The wow factor of the game is that the distinctive and elite members of a place called Victusia have a specific skill set. The chefs are exceptionally trained to hunt down monsters and later transform their hunts into mouth-watering cuisines. No, this premise isn’t a made-up to entice the gamers; instead, it is written in the official description of the game.

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