Pokémon Go to Add ‘Go Battle League’ Feature for Online Battle Tournaments!

Pokémon Go officially announced a new feature the ‘Go Battle League’ to launch in 2020. Players will now be able to play online tournaments with other players from around the world.


Pokémon Go was launched in the year 2016 by the developer Niantic. The game is available for the iOS and Android systems from the beginning. Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokémon company collaborated to introduce this game. There were several technical issues in the initial stages of game, like several server crashes, errors, the requirement of full access to Gmail accounts, tracking feature was not working properly and many more. Now the game has become completely different in features, the company gives frequent updates and solve any issue that is witnessed.

Pokémon Go Battle League

Niantic made the declaration about Go Battle League on October 21 on official Pokemongolive site as well as through post from official twitter account. This new feature is an updated version of ‘Trainer battles’.

Trainer Battle feature was introduced last year. This feature had its own limitations, players were only able to play with friends who are in their Ultra or Best Friends lists or opponents residing in the same locations. Adding players to the ultra list can only be done by exchanging gifts for 30 days.

Pokémon Go features will soon include the Online player battles, game will pit random players globally against each other in the tournament. This was one of the most awaited feature for the popular game like Pokémon Go. Pokémon battle skills of players will now be tested in high-end battles.

Niantic did not give much information about the feature but we know the launch of Go Battle League in early 2020 is confirmed and the company will release more videos soon

GO Battle League is slated for release in early 2020. We’ll be sharing more details in a special Dev Insights video soon. Stay tuned, Trainers!

Pokémon Go online play mode will definitely increase the popularity of this game. Although it is already a known game worldwide, but players continuously demand new updates and features for fresh experience. The company evolves its game with time to keep players interested. Online battles feature will surely improve the player experiences of the game.