Rockstar Games officially reveals features of Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games has revealed the details of the next major update to Red Dead Online. The main innovation will be the appearance of three roles with unique features of the gameplay.

The developers themselves call them the “fundamental change”, indicating the long-term future of the network game. At the first stage, players will have three roles: a bounty hunter, a collector, and a merchant.

The first will allow you to take on tasks to track down criminals who need to be delivered alive or dead. Bounty hunters will be able to discover special items, such as a reinforced lasso, learn weapon tricks and learn special skills.

The collector, whose journey begins with the mysterious traveler, will look for valuable objects, such as lost jewelry or rare arrowheads. Players will have access to a number of tools: advanced binoculars, a flashlight for horses and even a metal detector.

Merchants will be able to develop business in the camps. Thanks to knowledge about fur, hides, and carcasses of animals, players will be able to turn to Cripps for new opportunities to collect materials and produce valuable goods for sale.

The trader’s role will also provide access to camp improvement (an armory, a stew boiler, and a companion dog warning of impending attacks on the camp), bags and the business itself (hunting vans for transporting more game).

Players will be able to take on three roles at once or go in one chosen way. At the same time, according to the creators, the update will add the ability to reset the character’s appearance to the game. More on Rockstar New Content promised to tell in the coming weeks.

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