Samsung’s Another Try to Improve Galaxy A50 Fingerprint Sensor Performance

Samsung Galaxy A50 has started receiving the November software update. With the new update, the company tries to improve the device’s fingerprint reader’s performance.

Samsung’s new software update with build number A505FNXXS3ASK9 is getting received in the U.S. and some European markets like France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria the UK, Hungary, and few more.

Samsung Galaxy A50 is a mid-range phone and from the beginning, its optical fingerprint sensors are slow and have some other issues. Samsung has been trying to resolve and improve the fingerprint recognition algorithm. The company has released multiple software updates in previous months.

Samsung Galaxy series part Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 were also caught with a bug in ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader. The fingerprint sensor was able to unlock because the silicon covers a fingerprint-like texture. There have been no news or update on this issue.

Samsung suggests to update the new version, then delete existing fingerprint and register it again. There might be a chance that Galaxy A50 weak fingerprint reader is affected by the same bug as Galaxy S10 and Note 10. Some users who received the update says that now they are unable to register the fingerprint again. Every time the warning pop up ‘Make sure your fingerprint sensor is clean and dry and try again’

Samsung’s another try to improve the Galaxy A50 fingerprint sensor seems to not work or maybe some of the devices are experiencing this issue because of technical issues.