Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Concept to Improve Existing Design

Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched this year in the market but it has some of the issues which are evident for a being a first-generation phone. Samsung will be expanding its list of foldable device list in the coming years.

Apart from ‘Bloom’ which was first called Samsung Galaxy Fold, 2 will probably release in 2020. The design of this phone is said to be clamshell, instead of opening horizontally like existing Galaxy Fold, it will have a vertical fold.

Samsung seems to be preparing for another Fold phone with a similar design of Galaxy Fold. Samsung Unleashed has given this design but it is an improved version of the horizontal fold. Although this is only an unofficial Galaxy Fold concept which suggests the future look of Galaxy Fold 2.

Samsung will try to perfect the folding technology as it achieved the perfection of Galaxy S10‘s Infinity-O display small cutout for the Galaxy Note 10 series. So there is an obvious reason to assume that the company will improvise the existing design along with introducing new designs.

Samsung might be making Galaxy Fold 2 a more durable version of its existing design. The company will try to resolve the issue like sensitive and weak display. Some reports say that they will use ultra-thin tempered glass instead of polyimide film to increase the foldable screen protector.

The availability of ultra-thin tempered glass will also resolve an issue of a yellow tint to photos. This yellow tint is added because of the cover on the flexible screen by polyimide film.

Another change that we can expect from the next Galaxy Fold’s screen is to have under-display camera technology. Although this technology is not yet perfect for normal phones so it will be a big risk for foldable phones. we can expect more information on the next-gen foldable phone as the trend is increasing fast.