Samsung One UI 2.0 Based on Android 10 is Now Coming With Enhanced Facial Recognition!

Samsung OneUI interface is updated to UI version 2.0 together with Android 10. The Samsung Galaxy S10 users in the United States, Germany, and South Korea are already experiencing Samsung OneUI 2.0 update. The expectation is that this update may soon get available for other models in more countries.

There are some minor changes done in device with One UI 2.0 Android 10 beta program update. Although the brand Samsung is enhancing face recognition function for the models. It is seen as the main change that is rolled out with the new update.

Samsung’s facial recognition feature is added with two new options with the update. The first new option is “alternative look” as the name suggests this new feature will allow users to register different look for face recognition. For example, if a user is clean shaved or bearded or with or without makeup or eye lenses. Users just have to register their face when the appearance changes.

Samsung One UI 2.0

Samsung face recognition another new feature is added to increase the security system for unlock. Users have to keep eyes open for unlocking else the device won’t accept the command.