Samsung to Launch a Phone with In-display Camera to Give Full Display Experience!

Samsung is planning to launch its First Phone with under-display camera in the first half of 2020. A recent report by the Elec, a South Korean media website revealed that Samsung is preparing and testing this new technology.

Under Display Camera Technology (UDC)

This technology will use a small transparent area in the display with high transmittance special low-reflective glass. This camera stays underneath the display and it doesn’t block light to reach the camera when in use. This is the first generation of this technology and several companies have already revealed to launch their smartphones with UDC in the coming year. The front in-display camera will power pixels and let that area of display to function like remaining display.

Xiaomi, oppo, and honor also made confirmation about the launch of under the display front camera phones. Oppo is calling the technology as Under screen camera (USC). Xiaomi and Oppo’s report is already out but honor has just given the confirmation no further information is revealed. The market is waiting for all these companies to confirm the launch dates.

Samsung’s Under Display Camera

Samsung is working on new technology equipment which is Hole In Active Area display (HIAA2). Where HIAA1 equipment is used for punch-hole display camera. This H1AA2 equipment will make a transparent display for under-screen camera. The procedure Laser Etching is conducted. The hardware accompanies a laser to bore various little openings in the front to improve the transmission of light to the camera beneath it.

There are many testings and changes that are required for the success of this new technology. Samsung’s R&D team is continuously working toward making the size and number of pixels lesser in the camera area. The team is also working on expanding the transparency and permeability of the substrate.

Aside from making a particular zone of the OLED show straightforward for the camera underneath, the organization will likewise need to chip away at the calculations to viably adjust the yellow sparkle and slight fogginess of the photographs caught from the camera. Samsung has many difficulties to defeat the drawback of this innovation.

There are numerous rumors that Samsung might launch this Under Display Camera phone as Galaxy S11 or nex Galaxy Fold. This new technology might not get released in existing flagships Samsung Galaxy or Galaxy Fold according to ice universe. Although there are regular new reports given on this topic and it is now expected that Samsung has already started sending H1AA2 for testing this month and will send equipment for mass production in the early phase of next year.

Samsung officially did not make any announcement about the under-display camera technology or about its 2020 launch. All this information is given by The Elec in a report and other sources.

Without any doubt, the innovation in-display camera is interesting and will give users a 100% screen experience. However, it will definitely require improvements in the coming years, even though the technology is launched. This is happening with every new tech that enters the market just like the in-display fingerprint sensor. Smartphone Companies are continuously working toward full display with all under sensor. There have been new technologies like pop-up camera, punch hole camera, in-display fingerprint sensor, and rotating camera.