TCL Introduce Unique Triple Fold Display Design to Use as Phone or Tablet!

TCL brand flaunts the new zigzag design for a foldable phone. TCL’s tri-fold device is spotted with two different hinges i.e. Dragon hinge and Butterfly hinge. The device display’s first part and third part folds into different directions. When unfolded display size becomes 10-inch wide which is near to the size of a tablet.

TCL's tri-fold device 1

TCL Corporation

Telephone Communication Limited is a China-based electronics company. TCL is primarily famous for its brand named affordable television products. The company also produces and sells Blackberry Smartphones globally, Alcatel mobile phones globally and RCA branded electrical products in the US. Now, the company is planning to build smartphones under its own brand name.

TCL’s smartphone

Industry has been seeing the TCL’s different and unique foldable phone designs in events like Mobile World Congress 2019 and IFA shows. The designs then showcased is not similar to the current prototype. It was a single fold design like a book where outer display turned into the main display. TCL’s Global Communication and Strategy head, Jason Gerdon said that this is the right time for the company to come up with the same brand name smartphones.

TCL's tri-fold device 2

The latest foldable phone design shown by TCL two hinges supports folding front and rear screens in the opposite directions. The outer part of the display becomes the primary screen. New TCL’s 10-inch tablet-like phone concept is completely different from existing or upcoming foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Fold with a 7.3-inch display or Huawei Mate X with an 8-inch display. There is one drawback the user might notice that the phone become unexceptionally thick in size when fully folded.

TCL's tri-fold device 4

TCL tri-fold device some specifications that are expected, it might have four back cameras and a front camera. USB C type port and no headphone jack in the device.

Lowyat made a post on its Twitter account about Motorola RAZR is another soon to launch fold phone, it might get a launch on November 13th. RAZR design is also entirely different from these foldable phones. The phone won’t become a tablet when unfolded instead it will become 6.2-inch or 6.5-inch display Android-powered smartphone. The folded version will follow the original RAZR design.

TCL's tri-fold device 3

TCL’s new foldable phone is not ready to enter the market for a long time. The company says technology still requires a lot of work and improvements. The phone showcased by the company, it does not have a working display. They have not decided on the name of the smartphone or what will be the price or what features the phone will include. Company wants to first enter the smartphone market with standard smartphone devices to build brand name. So we might be witnessing more TCL Smartphone highlight in coming years.