The forthcoming PS5 cannot beat next-gen Nvidia RTX 2080

The release date of PlayStation 5 is a couple of years away. Nevertheless, there are some rumors which suggest that the forthcoming PlayStation 5 sport a powerful graphics card. At first, the report made the PC gamers across the world worried. However, the reports indicate that the next-gen PlayStation 5 will not be as powerful as the Turing architecture-based Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU.

The PC Gamers can finally rejoice as this would solve their most precious concern as to which platform is better. Since time immemorial, PC remains the epitome gaming platform due to state-of-the-art customization and raw processing. The experts are suggesting that PS5 will go toe to toe in terms of Graphic performance.

But the “Sli Bridge” which allows combining two graphics cards with same processing power and architecture will have the edge over the PS5. Sony is yet to release the PlayStation 5 which would come into being alongside GTA 6. The gaming industry also suggests that PS5 will have a lifespan of five years before it becomes obsolete.

The next-gen Turing RTX 2080 from Nvidia has been around for almost a year now. Moreover, even a rumor which suggests that PS5 will be powerful than RTX 2080 is a concern for the gaming industry. A well-known leaker widely known as Komachi claims that he knows the configuration of GPU that Sony PS5 will possess.

Furthermore, the leak also suggests that PlayStation 5’s GPU would run at around 2GHz. Gaming enthusiasts and experts already know that a console featuring a GPU of 2GHz clock speed is an impressive feat. Nevertheless, with the massive power, it will be tough to beat an overpowered RTX 2080. The forthcoming GPU is PS5 can easily beat the processing of AMD Radeon flagship, RX 5700 XT GPU.

Given that the GPU of PlayStation 5 will not be as robust as that of the PCs, it will still run the next-gen games such as the highly anticipated GTA 6. Rockstar Games has previously said that the present-day gaming consoles are not powerful enough to run GTA 6 with its cutting-edge graphics.

If a critically acclaimed video game developer like Rockstar Games is set to release the sixth installment of GTA alongside PS5, then the gaming console might be one of a kind. If people want to get their hands on the RTX 2080, then they would have to spend around $719.

There is a highly likely chance that when PS5 releases, both AMD and Nvidia would also upgrade the processing of their existing graphics cards. In the war between the significant gaming platforms, the only winner will be gamers.

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